The origins

The band was created in Belgium by the end of 2014 by Asmodeus (bass), who was joined by Ax Hell (drums). Grabak Hellfire (ex-Nemesis Irae) joins the band by the end of that year, and composition starts.

Since May 2015, Naberus joins the band as vocalist. The composition work went forward, which lend the band to play its first gig in may 2016. Since then, the band played over 40 gigs between Belgium and France.

In August 2018, Demenzia Mortis released its first EP « Memento Mori » and was distributed by Malpermesita Records, via Season Of Mist.

After sharing the stage with bands like Dark Funeral, Mgla, Azarath, Voltumna, Noctem, Hats Barn, Karne, Opera IX and many more, Demenzia Mortis entered the studio between 2019 and 2020 for the recording of theirs full album: Anti Kult.

ANTI KULT will be released in 2021, as the crisis due to Covid-19 paralyzed the entire world during the year 2020.

Demenzia Mortis is…

NABERUS – Vocals



AX HELL – Drums