We Are Demenzia Mortis

Belgian black/death metal band founded in 2014. We released our EP Memento Mori in 2018 and our first full album ANTI KULT was released on march 19th 2021 through SOUNDS OF HELL!

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Anti Kult - 2021

1. Dies Irae (Intro)
2. Codex 666
3. Anti Kult
4. Triste Paysage
5. Dark Resolution (Legion’s March)
6. Exultation Of Pain
7. Be Your Slave & Be Your Master
8. Above And Beyond
9. Tranquility & Silence
BONUS TRACK – My Blood Runs Black (feat. Anouk from BleedSkin and Chloé S.)

EP - Memento Mori - 2018

1. Bis Repetita (intro)
2. Blood Ritual
3. No Escape
4. Deus Mortem
5. Memento Mori
6. Commanding The Legions
7. Reign Of Kaos (outro)

Recorded, engineered and mixed at Recording You (Jemappes, Belgium)